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Larry Waldrop

Dot Dow, the grandmother of one of my good friends Grant Dow, was the victim of a home invasion last night. She was beaten and set on fire. She has suffered broken bones and burns to her head and back. She is currently at Grady hospital in Atlanta.

Cassie Wilbert

Yall remember my friend Ashley who had her baby yesterday? This is her update on Hunter and if you could, please add him to the prayer list.

Update on the munchkin:

His blood sugar was low yesterday and his temp dropped a little. They got all of that fixed. The pediatrician came and looked him over and at that point all was fine. Upon doing his vitals, they noticed his heart rate has dropped and his breathing was rapid. They called the pediatrician and she had them send him to a transitional nursery to be checked. He's fine as far as I know I haven't heard otherwise. Everything as far as vitals was normal it was just the heart rate and breathing. If you would please say some prayers for this lil guy! I will keep you all updated as I get updates!


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